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Event Detail

Event Detail

  • Sant Jordi
Event Sant Jordi
Start 23 April 2020 - Thursday | 00 : 00
End 23 April 2020 - Thursday | 00 : 00

Sant Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia, and this festival is celebrated on April 23. During this day, it is tradition for men to give a red rose to women, while they give a book to them. It could be said that this festival represents the day of lovers for Catalans, however, this custom has spread among people without having to be in love, so they give roses, for example, to daughters or mothers.

This festivity is very interesting to get to know Barcelona and stroll through streets such as La Rambla or La Rambla de Catalunya, since they are full of stalls with flowers and books.

Address Barcelona

Rambla de Catalunya, 08008 Barcelona

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